Friday, June 24, 2011

Well, I can cook too.

I don't really blog about it (mostly because I can rarely get my act together enough to photograph when I cook, and who cares about me talking about food, unless there are pictures. Right? Right.). Here are 4 of my absolute favourite books

 Lucy was a friend of my mom for years, I've spent a few of the High Holidays with her and her family, it was at one of her Sedar's that the Jewish child's right-of-passage of drinking kosher wine, and thinking it's grape juice happened. Either way, Lucy is an amazing cook, and a lovely person. The recipes are simple, clear, and delicious - I'd recommend to anyone (And I do, to everyone)!

Arguably my favourite single recipe in any cookbook is in this book - Saute de Veau aux carottes la boutarde. Basically, carrots, veal and wine. Yes, please! I grew up refusing to eat veal (it's a long story that involves a pet baby calf) and a hatred of cooked carrots. This recipe changed that.  This is a brilliant book, and if you don't have it quite simply, you should. Every recipe is a winner, and it has some great stories and explanations to go alone with it!

 If you ever, ever, buy only one cookbook, this should be it. Granted, I may be a little biased because this cookbook is basically Ashkenazim comfort food that I grew up with. My chicken soup (which, is amazing) (no really, it is) is basically the recipe from this book. My borscht (which, also, is amazing) is basically the recipe from this book. Matzoh balls, brisket, chicken, every recipe is pure comfort, even if you aren't Jewish. It's what these foods should taste like, and has the details you need, like throwing a beat in SO FAST to give chicken soup broth the right colour. Buy it. PLEASE. It's out of print. I suggest ABEbooks. 

Mary's another of my mom's friends. She and my mom have been friends for... almost 40 years. ahem. wow. Anyways. Almost 40 years, and I grew up eating some amazing food she cooked. By day, she's a Librarian in the Toronto District School Board (See, Librarian, Chef, totally possible) who also runs cooking classes and spends a good few months every year in her house in Tuscany. It's traditional, wonderful Italian and Italian Canadian (there's a difference) food. 

So above are four great cookbooks, that I think everyone should have in their collection. They aren't fancy, but I promise, you'll love them!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Graduate. Suma cum what now?

I don't even know. I remember when I got my BA I was all like "I AM NOW A GROWN UP" well. Now that I have my Masters let me prove you wrong. Here is a picture of me, while my Dean was giving the speach texting my mom telling her to stop texting mom. This is important.

Being a grown up is overrated. In other news, check out me, wearing my hood like a hood like it is supposed to be word or why would they call it a hood? Please note that it is hot pink. Or magenta. WITH BLUE LINING. Librarians are wild. I mean cool. obviously cool.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I have a dog now

The puppy's name is Gambit yes after the x-man (or the chess move if you ask Boyfriend which I am not) and he's adorable. FYI I'm now that person. He's also kind of the devil, and has us sleeping on the floor in the hall to make him not literally howl all goddamn night long.

Cute though, no?