Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm a first Generation Canadian

My mom's from NYC (Queens- Forest Hills- not the nice part). She was born in... I don't actually know. She originally had German citizenship, but she was born in a camp (yes, one of those camps) and for some reason I think it was in Russia. She has a brother who is about 8 years younger then her. I found out he exhisted when I was 13- a shocking truth as far out from left field as you can imagine. We've had a pretty contentious relationship- I met him as my Bubbie was dying and the meeting... didn't go overly well. He's a hustler baby (really) who's had some trouble with authority (always) and is arguably the most interesting person I know. He's always tried in his own way, and even though I haven't always understood that he was trying, once I figured it out it's meant a lot to me. He lives in Las Vegas and does... stuff. Not illegal ... stuff. Just, stuff. He's been in and out of trouble since he was 13 and has lived a pretty amazing life.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well I love the rain the most

Living in the big bad city sometimes you forget that there's a real world out there. You can walk down streets forever, with only trees surrounded by concrete and grates, and even though your heart breaks a little, the concrete of the city somehow seems to live.

Our condo is this amazing oasis. It was built in the early 80's, when real estate wasn't at as much of a prime downtown. The condo part is L shaped, and the square is completed by another L of townhouses. Inside is this amazing courtyard, with trees and grass and a pool. I don't look into someone elses' condo, I look out into a tree in summer, and the snowmen we build in the winter.

Today was a storm- Severe Thunderstorm Warning and Severe Tornado Warning. In Toronto... Dorothy, we ain't in Kansas anymore. It got pitch black outside, and then silent, and then it just started to storm. Then thunder and lightning and the rain was sideways, and the trees were bending. The rain makes me remember how much I miss smoking with mamak, laying out on the grass in the middle of a downpour. I miss walking home from class and stopping to splash in the puddles while the Carney's shouted that the crazy white girl seemed to have a good idea and joining in the fun. I miss it being sunny, then storming, then sunny, then storming, then sunny then snowing (??) all in one day.

I also miss being able to see the stars. I think I miss that the most

Monday, August 17, 2009

Nothing better then a kiddie pool, and watching other people roof

Two of our very good friends and their adorablechild live in Barrie, normally about an hour away in good traffic. We went to Barrie this weekend, me to watch the mostadorablechildever and for Beau to roof. I had a blast, B... didn't so much have a blast.

Look! Here he is climbing in the window. oooo. fun.

I refuse to put pictures of children on the interwebz. So, here is a picture of themostadorablechildever

I had a slurpee... err. FROSTER. Fact of the day: They do not have these on the East Coast. 4 years of university, and none of them had these. First thing I would do after returning to Ontario was to go to 7-11 and get one of these. Then 7-11 started keeping their slurpecino's in the same mixers, and my coke slurpees always tasted like vanilla coffee & coke. Fast forward 2 years back in Ontario, and the best.frozen.coke.drinks.ever. are at Petro Canada- they make them with this terrifying high pressure something. Anyways, I had a coke FROSTER.

Spent a lot of time watching him do this (and more time chasing after him):

I would like a kitty more then ANYTHING.

Almost back in Toronto. The traffic was ridiculous. Long story short, while driving up friday night, there was NO traffic. Virtually unheard of while heading north to cottage country on the nicest weekend of the summer. Fast forward sunday night, and traffic is bumper to bumper, prompting B to state "what the hell is the point of buying a cottage you can't get to?" Stranges thing was, once we got into Toronto, it was deserted. Less traffic then we've ever seen.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Phone Pictures

It's no real secret that I love taking picture. I USED to love photography, but that changed as I got busier, had less time to devote to the craft, less disposable income and arguably most importantly a complete lack of a camera. Not entirely true, I have a great film camera, and had a cute little digital canon. The film camera is largely unusable, and the digital camera... well... the screen got stepped on by a drag queen.

At any rate, I'm stuck with my camera phone. Most of the pictures on here are from my camera phone, and I think they're pretty damn good for it being a camera phone. Anyways, below is my life in pictures.

Viva Las Vegas- be as it may from a different angle

Lilacs are my favorite flowers. Those and lily-of-the-vally

Some random child at Marineland. Both of his parents were completely passed out and napping on the grass. ahh the boundless energy of the young.

Boat Cruise Boat.

You can't see it, but this is a "Back of the Bus Bible Verse." Fascinating in Downtown Toronto