About Me

I recently finished my Masters of Information, specializing in Library & Information Studies at the University of Toronto’s iSchool. That's right, my degree actually makes me a Master of Information, otherwise known as a Librarian, but really, same thing.  I firmly believes that life is one big scavenger hunt, and that's the reason I loves my chosen career path. I like books (obviously), reading (obviously), coffee (obvious if you know me) and tea (I'm all about equal opportunity).  I love to travel and have been around the Caribbean, Latin America, and Israel — I've also lived in China, Spain, and Italy.

My passion in Libraries began and still lays in their role as a community hub. I love to talk about Libraries as a type of information: MakerSpaces, Dog Walking, New Technologies & Local Gathering. Sound fun? I think so!

To Sum up: Collaboration + Community + Technology

Anyways. I write book reviews. Blog about libraries. Do stuff. And Stuff.

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