Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The food of my childhood

Meals That Were in Heavy Rotation: Soups- a lot of soups- Boarscht (not beet, the much better cabbage, beef, onion & tomato one) Bean Soup, Chicken Soup with Krepplach, Roast Chicken, Roast Beef, Pasta and Homemade tomato sauce, stews, schnitzel, chili.

When My Mom was "Phoning that Shit in": Thai (Pad woon sen- no eggs, no shrimp, basil chicken & rice, Indian (saag aloo, lamb dish, goat dish, rice, roast chicken from the grocery store, Chinese (Shanghai noodles, beef & broccoli).

Popular Side Dishes: Rice, Salad, some sort of potato- mashed or roasted. Sometimes Potato pizza

Foods My Mom Made When We Were Sick: Chicken Soup

Memorable Mentions: Tacos, guacamole, artichokes... I loved artichokes. still do. with lemon and butter to dip. mmmmmmmmmm

Weird Snacks: Nothing really weird I don't think. Apples & cheese, celery & peanut butter, cut up veggies, tofu, salami , actually, salami wrapped around cheese & pickles was pretty weird I think.

Food We Had at Our Grandparents' House: Chicken soup & Krepplach at my Bubbies. She was a fantastic cook, sadly, I remember very little of it- except the chicken soup and krepplach. She would home make the chicken broth- just a chicken and the perfect mix of veggies, cooked together and made perfectly clear. Then she'd take all of them out and put in krepplach. To this DAY I can't make it as well as she can- it's basically a homemade noodle dough, stuffed with beef, onions & salt and pepper. Then a bunch of them in a bowl of chicken broth. God it was good. ... it also resulted in my being disowned, but that's another story. A lot of pesant food. At my Grandma's it was a lot of english food... beef, onions, tomatos & peppers cooked to death, chicken cooked to death... but MAN she could bake like nobody's business. She was fantstic. I will always miss her rice pudding, apple pie, lemon squares, date squares, pecan tarts, butter tarts, lemon merangue pie. She loved baking

What I Want My Mom To Make For Me Now - I'll take anything she makes when she tries. She makes this fantastic veal, carrot & wine stew, roast chicken I still love, Chicken soup

Best Thing I Ate as a Child By Far : Tie between Bubbies Chicken soup & krepplach & Grandma's apple pie.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sippin on Gin'n' Juice

I don't remember what's happened recently. It must have been fascinating. New Years was awesome. We remembered why we can't have nice things. As shown by the picture. It was absolute wildness.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Febuary... showers?

In other news, I'm taking courses from Athabasca so I can go to grad school (maybe hopefully). This should prove endlessly entertaining.