Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The food of my childhood

Meals That Were in Heavy Rotation: Soups- a lot of soups- Boarscht (not beet, the much better cabbage, beef, onion & tomato one) Bean Soup, Chicken Soup with Krepplach, Roast Chicken, Roast Beef, Pasta and Homemade tomato sauce, stews, schnitzel, chili.

When My Mom was "Phoning that Shit in": Thai (Pad woon sen- no eggs, no shrimp, basil chicken & rice, Indian (saag aloo, lamb dish, goat dish, rice, roast chicken from the grocery store, Chinese (Shanghai noodles, beef & broccoli).

Popular Side Dishes: Rice, Salad, some sort of potato- mashed or roasted. Sometimes Potato pizza

Foods My Mom Made When We Were Sick: Chicken Soup

Memorable Mentions: Tacos, guacamole, artichokes... I loved artichokes. still do. with lemon and butter to dip. mmmmmmmmmm

Weird Snacks: Nothing really weird I don't think. Apples & cheese, celery & peanut butter, cut up veggies, tofu, salami , actually, salami wrapped around cheese & pickles was pretty weird I think.

Food We Had at Our Grandparents' House: Chicken soup & Krepplach at my Bubbies. She was a fantastic cook, sadly, I remember very little of it- except the chicken soup and krepplach. She would home make the chicken broth- just a chicken and the perfect mix of veggies, cooked together and made perfectly clear. Then she'd take all of them out and put in krepplach. To this DAY I can't make it as well as she can- it's basically a homemade noodle dough, stuffed with beef, onions & salt and pepper. Then a bunch of them in a bowl of chicken broth. God it was good. ... it also resulted in my being disowned, but that's another story. A lot of pesant food. At my Grandma's it was a lot of english food... beef, onions, tomatos & peppers cooked to death, chicken cooked to death... but MAN she could bake like nobody's business. She was fantstic. I will always miss her rice pudding, apple pie, lemon squares, date squares, pecan tarts, butter tarts, lemon merangue pie. She loved baking

What I Want My Mom To Make For Me Now - I'll take anything she makes when she tries. She makes this fantastic veal, carrot & wine stew, roast chicken I still love, Chicken soup

Best Thing I Ate as a Child By Far : Tie between Bubbies Chicken soup & krepplach & Grandma's apple pie.

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