Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ashes of Honour

I actually feel like I write terrible reviews of Seanan McGuire's work. I say this in the best possible way, but it's because I genuinely have loved everything of hers I've read so I feel like it's a sort of repetitive "Yup. You should go read the book."

So as I've said a million times, I love the October Daye series, and if somehow you aren't already reading it, you should go read it. So lets tackle this review from a different angle - why you should go read this series. First and foremost, because the series hasn't let me down yet - and I'm picky. I hate it when series start strong, and then just kind of taper off. I hate it because there's this obsessive compulsion in me to keep reading the stupid series because somehow I'm emotionally invested in these stupid characters who are making stupid decisions and doing stupid things and I'm annoyed but why can't I stop reading. We've all been there.

But McGuire, gloriously, doesn't make me feel that. Her characters are lovely and human even though none of them are actually human. They grow and change and are flawed and learn and are broken and Well. Damn. Done.  Toby is everything you want out of a heroine, guys, I'm not gonna get into it, but I think we're all guessing who Quentin's parents are, Tybalt is everything that is amazing with everything and just go read this damn series.

She's also got at least 4 more books planned (for this series), which is basically amazing.