Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm a first Generation Canadian

My mom's from NYC (Queens- Forest Hills- not the nice part). She was born in... I don't actually know. She originally had German citizenship, but she was born in a camp (yes, one of those camps) and for some reason I think it was in Russia. She has a brother who is about 8 years younger then her. I found out he exhisted when I was 13- a shocking truth as far out from left field as you can imagine. We've had a pretty contentious relationship- I met him as my Bubbie was dying and the meeting... didn't go overly well. He's a hustler baby (really) who's had some trouble with authority (always) and is arguably the most interesting person I know. He's always tried in his own way, and even though I haven't always understood that he was trying, once I figured it out it's meant a lot to me. He lives in Las Vegas and does... stuff. Not illegal ... stuff. Just, stuff. He's been in and out of trouble since he was 13 and has lived a pretty amazing life.

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