Monday, August 10, 2009

Phone Pictures

It's no real secret that I love taking picture. I USED to love photography, but that changed as I got busier, had less time to devote to the craft, less disposable income and arguably most importantly a complete lack of a camera. Not entirely true, I have a great film camera, and had a cute little digital canon. The film camera is largely unusable, and the digital camera... well... the screen got stepped on by a drag queen.

At any rate, I'm stuck with my camera phone. Most of the pictures on here are from my camera phone, and I think they're pretty damn good for it being a camera phone. Anyways, below is my life in pictures.

Viva Las Vegas- be as it may from a different angle

Lilacs are my favorite flowers. Those and lily-of-the-vally

Some random child at Marineland. Both of his parents were completely passed out and napping on the grass. ahh the boundless energy of the young.

Boat Cruise Boat.

You can't see it, but this is a "Back of the Bus Bible Verse." Fascinating in Downtown Toronto

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