Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shifting the Focus

I spent more time on this blog then I did reading Nietzsche. Which isn't saying a lot. Because I don't think I've read Nietzsche since my final year of university.

So I am shifting the focus. Away from cooking, and towards my everyday slightly ridiculous life.

In theory, I'm starting a new job next week as a manager of a fairly large fundraising campaign, where I organize it, and find and coordinate 2000 volunteers. Yes. that's right. I am in charge of something, something that huge. I feel the power coursing through me. I also, get an assistant- a lackey if you will.

This is awesome for a number of reasons- the first, and most important being that I am currently a lackey. I work for a friend of mine, doing research for a few documentaries- and also do other random lackey work. Saying I work for him, is a bit of a stretch, as work implies pay.


I'm going back to grad school in Sept. (probably). And on top of managing 2000 volunteers, I am taking some courses to remind myself what school is. This, will actually be utter hilarity in my opinion. I may well lost my mind. It will be awesome. Much like the below picture. That was 2 years ago.

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