Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I want to work in a ~book~ library

It's somewhat fascinating, our class seems to be in love with the holy concept of books - we were talking about digital librarianship, and "bookless" libraries and our whole class got up in arms. It's something of a discussion topic- what are libraries without books? I personally feel that times are a-changin and we have to change with the times. I don't believe fully in the concept of bookless libraries (really, just look at the 8 full bookshelves of books taking up my 750 sqf apt) but I do feel that there's a huge generational shift in the past 5 years. Kids don't read anymore. Plain and simple. If we want them to read, we have to put it in a framework they understand so if we make a library digital in part, then there's a better chance they'll come to love learning, and through that will hopefully see how wonderful books themselves are.

I don't feel books are an out-dated medium, I just feel that very harsh lines are drawn between the new digital era and the holy temple of books.

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SkippyMom said...

Sometimes I get so sad when people make sweeping generalizations about "kids these days" - not to be argumentative, but honestly?

"Kids don't read anymore. Plain and simple" is an incredibly unfair statement.

They do. I have living proof in my own children and their friends. They are constantly sharing, exchanging books - my kids forever have a book in their hand - and I even, on occasion, allow them to read while they are eating lunch or dinner.

And my kids aren't the exception, at least not in my part of the world.

And if you happen to mention Dad or Mom is on the way out the door to the library? There is going to be a van full of kids.

My daughter [17 yo] and I were discussing the Kindle the other day and she said she would never want one. When I asked why she said that the whole point of a BOOK was having it to hold, the pages, even the smell.

So please, don't try to jump to conclusions. My kids aren't the only ones that still love to read, believe me.

And the Harry Potter and Twilight series have gone a long way to promote the love of books [even beyond just those sets] in young people.