Monday, July 19, 2010

oh. hello internets.

I'm in New Brunswick. I went to school here for 4 years, at Mount Allison University where I got my BA in History and Canadian Studies. I loved my time here. I met a pretty amazing group of people, some of the best of whom I'm still happily in touch with even if we have scattered to the four ends of the earth. The Sackville I know looks like:

Currently, and a large part of why my posting has been... low, is because my boyfriend owns a house out here, and we're gutting it/ fixing it up. As such, my life has been more of the below, then the above.

There is so much more, that is so much more, but I've been a bit too busy to take pictures of it. I think I'll take a picture of all the garbage that we're putting out tomorrow - then you'll see. You'll alll see.


Kaye Prince said...

When are you coming back, hmmmm?

Viva said...

on the 29th! It seems so far away!

Kaye Prince said...

Give me a holler when you get back and we'll go out for sushi or something!