Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Something other than Laurel K. Hamilton.

Look. I have nothing against her as an author. I liked Anita Blake (quite a bit) up until Obsidian Butterfly, but I felt that after that the books lost all sense of plot and were just sex sex sex. Which is fine. Her Merry Gentry series had a lot... a lot of sex, but it always felt like it worked better with the plot. Anne Bishop's Black Jewels series has a core of sex, sexual slavery and sexual control through it. But it works. It works well with the plot, and you don't feel the urge to just skip till you find the plot, like I did by the time I gave up on Anita Blake. I think it bothered me the most because I really did like Anita Blake. It was a great series, with characters I could get behind and a plot I enjoyed. Que Sera.

At any rate here are some suggestions of female authors other than Laurel K. Hamilton.

  • Anne Bishop. The Black Jewels Trilogy is fabulous. So fabulous, she kept it going (and I admittedly don't love what comes before/after the original trilogy, but the trilogy itself is wonderful. My roommate suggested I read it, and it's hands down one of my favourite series'. There is sex, and quite... intense sex at that, but it's a really really worthwhile read.
  • Ilona Andrews. On the Edge and Kate Daniels are both solid series. I personally like Kate Daniels a bit more, because I feel it's just a little bit tighter and cohesive. I randomly grabbed it off the shelf after ignoring it for a long while, which, was dumb. I started reading them about a year ago, and am excited for what's coming up next
  • Kim Harrison. Arguably the best Urban Fantasy writer out there (I feel), and at least one of the top 3. The Hollows series is brilliant, I know more then a few people who read it, and are avidly waiting for the next installment (coming soon!). Just read her, this series I can promise you won't regret it
  • Seanan McGuire. Rosemary and Rue is a fantastic series. There's nothing wrong with it, at all. Great plots, great characters, a fascinating take on Fae. This being said, I read Newsflesh (Written as Mira Grant) and did not love it. I wanted to, but didn't. I am still giving InCryptid a chance.
  • Patricia Briggs. I've really only read the Mercy Thompson series, and I kid you not I avoided it for years because I always felt the covers were too trampy. I have no clue why I thought this, but it's an oddly popular mindset. My roommate and I were discussing how we really had nothing to base that on, because compared to most of the other urban fantasy covers it's really not that bad. Like... really. Either way, it's a good series. Don't be ridiculous like I was.

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