Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm thinking in cliches...

Cliches and song lyrics. I remember this happened to me when I graduated from my undergraduate degree too, maybe it’s the fear of the unknown. I am so sure I made the right choice with getting my MI degree, I’ve love the degree and when I look at all the possibilities for where I can go I just keep getting more and more excited. The problem, is I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. It’s all so interesting, I keep looking at jobs and thinking “yes yes yes, this is what I want” but when it comes to writing knock their socks off cover letters I just want to write “I love this. please give me a shot.” I also don’t know where I want to be – I feel drawn back to the East Coast of Canada, but I’m also tempted to stay in Ontario. Do I apply for the long shot job in Spain?

My cover letter contains the phrase “ One of my passions in both my studies, personal and work experience is towards exploring emerging trends and innovations in relation to technical services. I strongly feel that it is through these trends and innovations that libraries will better be able to serve their users.” I feel so passionately about the future of libraries – there is such an amazing movement to embrace new technologies and innovations that is rarely seen in many other career paths. The flip side of it is I’m currently working with an organization that deals with the consortium of Ontario libraries. I’m loving seeing first hand the partnerships that can grow out of creative thinking and would love to be able to work with a collaboration of libraries. As I get closer to graduating, I grow more and more interested in Academic Librarianship – I would love to be able to continue to research in the Information field, and help students and professors.

Who knows, all I know right now, is that my new puppy is four weeks old today.

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