Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Something from Nothing.

Summary: Throw it out! Cries Joseph''s mother. So Joseph runs to his grandfather with his favourite blanket. Grandpa can fix anything. From the tattered blanket, Grandpa makes a handsome jacket. With a few passes of his needle, a vest becomes a Sabbath tie. And snip! Snip! A ragged handkerchief turns into a brand-new button. But when the button is lost, what''s to be done? Even Grandpa can''t make something from nothing! Phoebe Gilman''s loving portrait of shekel life will endear Joseph and his family to readers young and old.

Why I recommend it: The Rabbi at the synagogue I went to to get Bat Mitzvah'd at gave this to each of us. Odd choice for a bunch of 13 year olds, maybe, but I still loved it. It reminded me that at the very least, I'll always have memories.

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