Thursday, October 13, 2011

Carl at the Dog Show

Summary: Madeleine''s mom has to help Carl''s Cousin, Gamble, get ready to compete in his event at the dog show, and she tells Carl and Madeleine to meet her by the show ring. Do Carl and Madeleine listen? Of course not! They immediately set off to explore--they help groom other dogs, have a snack, test out dog beds, create an agility test of their own--all with hilarious results and mom none the wiser. With its minimal text and Alexandra Day''s signature art, CARL GOES TO THE DOG SHOW is sure to please Carl fans, Rottweiler lovers, and dog enthusiasts of all sorts.

Why I recommend it: My dog is technically a show dog, and I'm always struck by how many kids are at dog shows. I'm not a rabid pure-breed fanatic, I think rescue is important, and have done my fair share of rescue. That being said, I also usually suggest that for first time dog owners, a purebreed dog from a reputable (and I can't emphasize that enough) breeder gives you some security in what you're getting out of the dog, and support for the dog. If you're getting a pure breed dog, looking into the breed is important, and one of the best places for meeting the dogs, seeing what they're like in full show coat, and seeing how the breeders treat their show dogs. It's a complicated world, but it's usually a good sign of how a breeder treats their dog at home, with how they treat them at a show!

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