Sunday, January 29, 2012

One in every crowd

A good friend of mine from undergrad just turned 30. We had a bunch of our friends crash in our condo, and I realized how much I miss being around not only these guys, but all the guys from my undergrad. I had a job interview for pretty much my dream job in my hometown, and another one for a pretty great job in NWT. Both would be awesome (though I would vastly prefer the one in my hometown).  I'm ready to settle down, grow some roots and start life. 

30th Birthday celebratory Hendriks and Tonic, with cucumber - because not ALL of my life revolves around my dog. just like, 70%. apparently. Or so this blog would have you think. I swear I have a life. I do stuff. I read. Ok, that's probably obvious too. But I leave the house!

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