Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I miss my dog.

I'm in Waterloo house-sitting for mom. My boyfriend decided he couldn't emotionally handle (no seriously) being away from his baby (no seriously) for 2 weeks, so he has him in Toronto this week, and I'll have him here next week.  I've not determined I'm that person. Maybe it's because usually when I'm here alone, Gambit's here. We go to the river, meet up with his siblings and generally have a good time.

Now, all I have are mom's cats. While I love them dearly, it's just not the same.

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Anonymous said...


I usually don't comment (and usually leave my name!) but I just wanted to tell you how gorgeous your dog is! I think I've passed you in the street in Toronto, I think we talked about how well behaved your boy is for someone so young?

Anyways, I'm a CKC judge (why I'm being annonymous, I don't want any conflicts) for the sporting breeds, and I don't know if you're thinking about it, but you have to show him if you can - He's a great dog!