Wednesday, November 16, 2011

of shoes and ships and sealing wax

I don't think I'll ever understand job hunting. I had an amazing interview a week or so ago, where everything was perfect. The people interviewing me were great, the library was amazing, there was growth it was perfect as I said. What wasn't perfect is that it's 4 provinces away. I applied on a whim, not thinking at all that I would even get an interview.  But I did - and not only did I, I had a great interview - and now they're flying me four provinces away for a second interview.

I should be thrilled. OK, I am thrilled. It just got me thinking - every friend I tell here the first thing they say is "why aren't you just taking a job here?" I tell them I haven't had any callbacks, and then the inevitable "wait - Library X is FLYING you four provinces away... and nowhere close by is even calling you back?"

So... what this tells me is all I need is a chance, and I can do great things.

Edit: I got the job, but it wasn't as perfect as it seems. Indexing is going well, I can wait for an actually perfect job.

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