Thursday, April 26, 2012

And now, for something from total left field

This blog has been so boring. All books? All the time? BORING. Life has had some pretty wild changes recently - I ended my 5 year long relationship (apparently we're being honest with each other internet. I'm not gonna lie, it's a little awkward.), our dog is now his dog and most awkwardly of all, he and I are still good friends. I know that sounds weird, but it actually is worse, trust me. Breaking up with someone and hating their guts would be nice because you can have closure. We'll always be good friends, we're to terrifyingly similar to not be. That, and I'm looking forward to his future girlfriends hating my guts. I'm going to spoil the shit out of his future children. Why? WHY NOT.

Um. Anyways.  I'm also planning two fairly major trips in the next year with one of my BFF's. He and I are going to Australia over Christmas (and then I'm going to go to Bali, because I've already been ripped out of one trip to Bali, I'm not going to be ripped out of two). While in Australia, we're going to go to Fraser Island and I am going to ride a Humpback Whale. I'm going to name him Mr.Cuddles Von Bitsy and I am going to keep him in my bathtub. Totally practical, I know. No really though, We're going to be there for the Humpback Whale migration, and while I will be too terrified to get anywhere near the ocean when Giant Fucking Mammals are breaching close by, I will have a million pictures.

This picture is Fraser Island. I know right?

This same friend is having a mid-life crisis (which is a little awkward, cause he's only 26, and that means that a) he dies at 53, or b) he has another mid life crisis at 53 (actually, I guess that's common, so that's ok). Anyways, he's got the same travel bug I do, and We're also planning a trip to Egypt/Africa in May of 2013 which coincides nicely with my birthday.

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