Friday, July 13, 2012

Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex

What better book to put on Friday the 13th than Bonk (which is the best title ever).  I picked this book up cause a friend had it on her read list on Goodreads. I mean, really what could possibly be more fascinating than experiments and research involving dead humans? Early "sex researchers" were inventive, barbaric, and creepy, and it's entirely possible they were totally crazy. Basically this book taught me that some of the things people do? I... no words guys. I thought I was pretty well-informed regarding some of the less-conventional, more taboo, things humans do in their quests for excitement. (I read lots. Plus I'm a librarian. We're basically priests or doctors for the things people ask/tell us) Now, I realize I have no clue about pretty much anything - and am probably better off that way. Basically I'm boring. I'm ok with that.

The thing is, this books is fun. It's well written, hilarious, a little bit disturbing but go read it. You'll learn things like 1 in every 5000 women is born without a vaginal canal. One less question to ask your friendly neighbourhood librarian (or your doctor. whatever.) (actually jokes aside, that probably is something you should ask your doctor)

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