Sunday, July 29, 2012

I was informed that I haven't updated in too long

Then I wondered why, because I knew I'd be really busy over the past month, and remember posting a buffer of posts that would magically appear. Then I realized that I hit save, and not publish. Hi, my name is Kate: I apparently can't use the internet. Awkward. So what have I been doing? Not much really. I mean, I can tell you about the non-confidential freelance stuff I'm doing, but that's boring. So here are some pictures.

I went to Nova Scotia

Saw a Disco Lobster

Made a cake

Made Tacos (Tortillas and all!)

Also went to Sonic, and got a Lime Slushee
(This basically completes me)

Stay tuned for the updates that will magically be back-posted!  Which you probably wouldn't realize if I didn't tell you. Points for honesty?

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